Story & Screenplay: W. Watts Biggers

W. Watts Biggers (aka Buck Biggers) is an American novelist, producer and composer, best known as the co-creator of the "Underdog" animated TV series. Biggers formed his company, Total TeleVision (TTV), with animation produced at Gamma Studios in Mexico. TTV created and produced a variety of animated TV series, including "King Leonardo and his Short Subjects", "The Hunter", "Tooter Turtle", "Tennessee Tuxedo and his Tales", "Go Go Gophers", "The World of Commander McBragg", "Klondike Kat" and "Underdog". For these series, Biggers co-wrote more than 500 scripts and composed all theme songs, words and music. The highly successful Underdog originally was telecast on NBC from 1964 to 1966, followed by a run on CBS (1966-68) and a return to NBC (1968-70 and 1972-73). Biggers later became Vice President of Promotion and Creative Services for NBC, heading a 90-person department for five years.

His real passion rested in writing unique novels that evoked people's imagination to dream. His own pursuit of purpose and success in the traditional business world was simply not fulfilling anymore. This feeling gave rise to a story of a seeker who entered the world innocently and was told he must discover and pursue his purpose even when continually baffled by the traps of mankind. The book was published in 1967 and was optioned by filmmaker Kurt Burk in 2003. Upon completing the screenplay, concept art, and teaser films for "The Man Inside", Biggers and Burk co-wrote the screenplay for another one of his novels, "A Woman Called Job", hoping to take the timeless love story to the screen. Thus began his fateful collaboration with production company One Brick Films, formed by Kurt Burk and Mark J. Melchiori in April 2006 with the goal of producing all of Watts' stories into feature films. After teaming up with actors Adam Garcia and Tamara Feldman, a 45 day production of A Woman Called Job began in May 2007.

Biggers has found a home at One Brick Films which is dedicated to transforming his unique stories into compelling films for everyone to enjoy. The feature film of "Underdog", inspired by his television series and produced by Disney, will premier August 2007 in theaters nationwide.